A wine for aging does not have to keep all its secrets to itself.

Our wine storage option

Storage under high surveillance

We offer an option to store your wines in France in ultra-secure cellars, specialising in the storage of wines and spirits and the handling of grands crus classés. The bottles are kept at a temperature of 16° with controlled humidity to ensure ideal conditioning.

This storage option includes all-risk bottle insurance (theft, breakage, fire) at market value.

An inventory of stocks is carried out each year to certify the existence of the wines in our warehouse. Stocks are audited and our accounts are certified annually by our auditors.

This wine storage option is only available to our Members ordering on our website or on our U'wine mobile application.

Storage fees

Rising Star Famous Second Legends
Annual price for one bottle 0,80 € TTC 1,2 € TTC  1,60 € TTC

Billing is annual and you can choose to have your bottles delivered as soon as you like thanks to our various delivery options.

Optimal storage

The deterioration of a bottle of wine can have 4 origins:

  • A large shock or a succession of small shocks;
  • Too hot or too cold a temperature or too rapid a change in temperature;
  • Too high a humidity level;
  • Vibration.

In order to reduce the risk of deterioration of these products, which are true works of art, we have developed an innovative and ecological solution of cork shavings which offers optimal protection and conservation of the bottles in the wooden case. The patented U'wine Protect® technology is made up of cork shavings from unused industrial offcuts, granulated into 3 to 5 millimetre pieces that protect against breakage during transport and against hygrometric, thermal and acoustic variations. They preserve the labels during storage and offer a double cork & air barrier to limit the contamination of wine by TCA ("cork taste").

Since 2022, we have been shipping our grands crus around the world in cardboard by default. After analysing its benefits, we know that it is strong enough to ensure the safety of the bottles during the entire shipment.

Today, only our wooden crates contain our cork shavings because, as they are most often used as gifts, we have combined aesthetics with protection. Our aim? To guarantee ideal delivery conditions for your loved ones. 

Fine wine is worth your passion

Our team that we call the U’Wine Makers are here to serve you with great passion and commitment. We share the culture of the Grands Crus with excellence, passion and innovation, offering wine lovers from all over the world enjoyment and excitement. We guide them through the process of creating, building up and successfully managing their wine cellar and offer them access to a wine collection made up of the top 1% of the finest terroirs in the world.
Fine wine is worth your passion
  • 825 000 bottles

    with a total value of 40 million euros.

  • Secure delivery

    Break-free delivery with our technology.

  • The 1% of the planet

    261 top domains in the world.

The Cave INVEST offer and the Cave CONSO offer have been the subject of information documents registered by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers.