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What should you drink with a barbecue?

  • Fri, Jul 5, 2024 at 10:00
What should you drink with a barbecue?
Summer is here and with it, barbecue season! Choosing the right grand cru to accompany your favourite red meat or Sunday chicken can be a real headache. So here's a selection of grands crus recommended by our teams that you can enjoy with your eyes shut at your next outdoor meal.

What to drink with red meat?  


For lovers of red meats such as beef or lamb, Syrah is an essential choice. This full-bodied red wine, with its peppery, spicy notes, goes perfectly with grilled steaks or beef ribs. Its robust character balances the flavours of the meat. 



Originally from Argentina, Malbec is renowned for its firm tannins and black fruit flavours. Ideal with juicy pork chops or a hearty burger. 



American Zinfandel, with its black fruit aromas and light spiciness, is the ideal partner for marinated meats. Its richness on the palate makes it a versatile wine for grilled meats. 


What to drink with white meat?  


A woody Chardonnay, with notes of vanilla and butter, goes well with grilled chicken, adding a velvety texture that perfectly complements the tenderness of the meat. 


Sauvignon blanc  

Lighter and livelier, Sauvignon Blanc, with its citrus and herbal aromas, is the perfect accompaniment to white meats seasoned with herbs, such as lemon-rosemary chicken. 


Pinot noir 

For a more delicate red option, Pinot Noir, with its soft tannins and cherry flavours, is an excellent choice for grilled chicken. It offers great harmony without overpowering the more subtle flavours of the meat. 


What to drink with fish or seafood?   


This Spanish white wine, with notes of lemon and green apple, is perfect for grilled fish and seafood. Its freshness and acidity balance the marine flavours. 


With its citrus and stone fruit aromas, Vermentino goes particularly well with seafood, creating a refreshing combination. 


Provence Rosé

A dry rosé, with notes of strawberry and melon, goes well with a variety of grilled seafood dishes, offering a touch of freshness and lightness. 

What to drink with grilled vegetables?  


This light to medium-bodied red wine, with its notes of red fruit and a touch of spice, goes well with grilled vegetables. 


Pinot Grigio 

Fresh and tangy, Pinot Grigio is ideal for grilled vegetables and salads, adding a lively note to the dish.  


A fresh, light rosé is a versatile option that goes well with a wide range of grilled vegetables, adding a fruity and refreshing dimension. 

Get ready for your barbecues!

Choosing the right wine for your barbecue can make all the difference. Whether you prefer full-bodied reds, crisp whites or refreshing rosés, there's a great vintage to match every dish. So the next time you fire up the grill, keep these recommendations in mind and get ready to impress your guests with some exceptional wine and food pairings!  

What should you drink with a barbecue?

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