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Bordeaux wines make their cinema

  • Thu, Apr 11, 2024 at 10:00
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Wine, that age-old beverage, has transcended the boundaries of simple consumption to become an essential part of popular culture. Throughout the ages, it has been celebrated, portrayed and often mythologised in a variety of artistic forms, including cinema, films and TV series.

The presence of Bordeaux wines in film is not merely anecdotal; it testifies to a profound relationship between wine culture and visual storytelling, offering an echo of the influence of wine in society and in our daily lives. To mark World Art Day, let's take a trip to the land of vines and reels!

Le dîner des cons : Château Lafite 1978

In the history of cinema, few wines have captured the imagination of audiences as vividly as the legendary Château Lafite 1978. This prestigious vintage alone embodies all the sophistication and elegance of the French wine world.

Pierre Brochant, our protagonist, has a daring idea: choose Château Lafite 1978 to dazzle his guests. This Bordeaux wine becomes the symbol of Pierre's vanity, an attempt to elevate himself socially by impressing his friends. This Bordeaux wine is a reminder that, despite the tensions and blunders, wine remains an element of sharing and conviviality, capable of bringing together even the most dissimilar guests around the table.

One lesson remains: never underestimate the power of wine. Unlike Aldo Bonnard, who tries to transform a piquette into a great wine, Pierre Brochant seeks to avoid tax inspection by transforming a great wine into a picrate. It's an idea that's as disastrous as it is entertaining, but one that calls for a solemn promise: let's swear never to follow in Pierre's footsteps on this rather dubious escapade.

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Sherlock Holmes : Château Margaux 1858

The famous detective is renowned for his English-style class, which is reflected in his choice of wines. Ahead of his time, Sherlock Holmes stood out for his discerning taste and his ability to appreciate the finest vintages. In one of the film's emblematic scenes, it is a Château Margaux 1858 that is tasted. At the time, this wine was freshly classified, a testament to the detective's vision and refinement when it came to wine.

Château Margaux at U'wine

James Bond, Les diamants sont éternels : Mouton Rothschild 1955

In "Eternal Diamonds", Mouton Rothschild 1955 takes on an aura of luxury and sophistication worthy of James Bond himself. This prestigious Bordeaux wine embodies the glamour and glory associated with the world of cinema's most famous secret agent.

In the context of the film, Mouton Rothschild 1955 becomes the main focus of the plot. Our dear 007 identifies an antagonist disguised as a waiter. How does he do this? Through a lack of wine culture, obviously! It's fair to say that this premier cru classé from Pauillac saved the life of our favourite agent.

Château Mouton Rothschild at U'wine

Les visiteurs : Caisses de Château Haut-Brion

Château Haut-Brion, a treasure trove hidden away in the slapstick world of "Les Visiteurs"! In this cult French film, where misunderstandings and zany situations unfold at a frenetic pace, there's always room for a good bottle of wine.

Godefroy de Montmirail and Jacquouille la Fripouille, two offbeat heroes from the Middle Ages, arrive in the modern world. And what do they find? Cases of Château Haut-Brion, the ultimate symbol of French nobility and refinement, of course! Jacquouille, amazed by these unexpected treasures, even offers to organise a tasting worthy of the greatest sommeliers... before realising that he has no idea how to open a bottle without a sword!

Château Haut-Brion at U'wine

Spectre : Château Angélus 2005

Château Angélus, a discreet but memorable actor in the world of James Bond! In "Spectre", the latest instalment in 007's adventures, the estate made a furtive but memorable appearance. On a dining car table, the label bearing the famous Château Angélus bell caught the attention of wine lovers.

This is not the first time that Château Angélus has slipped into the world of James Bond. In 2006's 'Casino Royale', it was the 1982 vintage that had the honour of appearing on screen. A double coup for the estate, which can be proud of its presence in two films from the legendary saga.

In mid-November, when 'Spectre' finally saw the light of day, Château Angélus certainly toasted this new accolade. Because even if its role is fleeting, its presence in the elegant and mysterious world of James Bond gives it an undeniable touch of prestige. And who knows, perhaps his wines will end up becoming as legendary as the adventures of the British secret agent himself.

Château Angélus at U'wine

Kingsman : Château Lafite 1945

Château Lafite 1945 is a wine that doesn't go unnoticed, even in the midst of the adventures of secret agents in impeccable suits! In this action-comedy brimming with testosterone and high-tech gadgets, Château Lafite 1945 shines brightly.

One scene: Harry Hart, as elegant as a James Bond, orders a Big Mac. His host, Richmond Valentine, prefers two cheeseburgers, accompanied by the secret sauce and the legendary Château Lafite 1945. A gourmet choice that leaves no one indifferent. For dessert? Nothing less than a sundae with a Château d'Yquem 1937. Ah, nothing less!

Château Lafite at U'wine

Le Silence des agneaux : Château Phélan Ségur 1996

Imagine a gourmet serial killer, ready to taste your brains with a sauvignon and butter beans... scary, isn't it?

Between scenes of tension, Hannibal Lecter reveals a range of refined tastes in wine. Although we strongly advise against food and wine pairings, connoisseurs will have noticed the repeated appearances of prestigious bottles, such as a 1996 Phélan Ségur.

Château Phélan Ségur at U'wine

Ratatouille : Château Cheval Blanc 1985

In the enchanted culinary world of "Ratatouille", where the rats aspire to become great chefs, Château Cheval Blanc 1985 shines in all its glory. In the final scene, our hero Rémy prepares a ratatouille worthy of our mothers' greatest ratatouille dishes to win over the food critic. And what better accompaniment to this feast thanChâteau Cheval Blanc 1985, a Bordeaux wine as prestigious as it is delicious!

While Rémy is cooking up a storm, connoisseurs will have noticed that Château Latour 1961 makes several appearances throughout the film. It's a subtle way for the film-makers to remind us that, even in the world of cartoons, good wine is always part of the equation.

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